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Our Mission

As a group we want to promote the diffusion of the Argentine Tango to the larger Portland urban area. In order to achieve our goal, we want to help improve the organization structure that currently sustains the Portland Tango Community. We believe in helping people improve their dance by facilitating the visit of very good teachers, helping the local teachers and providing financial support to students that might be in need. We also want to improve the communication tools that we already have.

Our goals

Our Board of Directors

The Portland Tngo Association is managed by a Board of Directors. The Society is not a membership organization, and new Board Members are chosen by the existing Board.  Board Members receive no financial compensation for their service.

Board Members are chosen for diversity (ethnicity, gender, and age) within the board, functional expertise, and a willingness to provide new ideas and lead and support the projects we create to help grow the Portland Tango Community throughout the year.

Luisa Zini Fortuna

Director - President

Scientist as a background she now works as a technical writer for a variety of companies. She is an avid tango dancer and her mission has always been to organize events to help everybody get into tango and improve thier dance.


Director - Treasurer

Excellent and thorough accountant in his working life, Greg provides his expertise to keep the Portland Tango Association in good standing with its obligations as a nonprofit organization.

Jerry Wallach


Jerry has been an amazing driving force of the Portland Tango community for many years. His milongas were the pillar of the community and his qualities as a DJ stellar. He is now retired as a Milonga host but provides his great ideas and enthusiasm to help improve our community within PTA.

Rich Rodriguez

Director -Secretary

Rich has worked in the banking industry and he is an expert in fund raising and accounting. He just joined the PTA board.

Rachel Lidskog-Lim


Rachel Lidskog-Lim is the owner of “Dance With Joy,” which perfectly describes her warm and genuine teaching style that encourages people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of dance.

A professional dancer, singer, and choreographer, Rachel has been teaching dance as a certified dance professional for the latest twenty years.