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Our Mission

As a group we want to promote the diffusion of the Argentine Tango to the larger Portland urban area. In order to achieve our goal, we want to help improve the organization structure that currently sustains the Portland Tango Community. We believe in helping people improve their dance by facilitating the visit of very good teachers, helping the local teachers and providing financial support to students that might be in need. We also want to improve the communication tools that we already have.

Our goals

Our Board of Directors

Luisa Zini Fortuna

Director & President
Luisa has been dancing tango for more than 20 years. She is a passionate advocate for the dance and started PTA to create a container the Portland Tango community can use to organize and promote tango. She is currently acting as the President of the organization and she is also organizing the yearly October Tango festival. She currently works as a technical writer while her background is in science.

Matthew Mičetić

Director & Vice President

Greg Frost

Director & Treasurer

Lindsay Thain

Director & Secretary

Jerry Wallach


Patrick Musto